Urbana Campaign Launch

We are committed to doing our part to raise up the next generation of global outreach workers and we want them to represent Jesus well as they take His name to the ends of the earth.

Your donation today will allow Mission Data International to exhibit and interact with mission representatives and the next generation of global outreach workers at the Urbana Mission Conference in St. Louis, Missouri this December. Go to our Give Send Go page to make a donation Thank you for your support!

Having our staff onsite to interact with mission representatives at Urbana provides the opportunity to strengthen relationships with mission trainers and senders. In so doing, we can continue to provide the best resources and encouragement for the thousands who reach out to us each month on their mission journey. All donations received through this campaign will go towards our exhibit registration fee, staff admission and the literature and supplies that we will be handing out while onsite at Urbana.

Our niche in the big wide world of global missions is from that point when a believer's heart is first stirred in an overseas direction, up to the point that they wheel their life onto a 757.

We are in the unique position of serving as a connection point for individuals pursuing a journey into cross-cultural ministry and the many mission training and sending organizations that are available for them to go with. In addition, we love to help these global minded, Jesus followers as they wrestle with all the real challenges, thoughts and questions that come up along their journey.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers and donations towards M-DAT's Urbana Exhibitor Campaign.