New Website, Mission Experience is a plus!


June 2018- M-DAT launched a new website, this last spring, for those looking to be God’s hands, feet and voice among other peoples around the world. Featuring first person stories and a colorful layout, it shares tips for those who are preparing to be involved!

It deals with practical hands on training and where to get it, language learning, embracing the strange and different, learning to bridge cultures, and communication in society that thinks differently than you. Great tools. Great ideas. Check it out at



August 2018-Ten countries in 12 months? Ten different ministries in those ten countries? WOW! That will give a person some good exposure to what God is doing around the world. The program is called the World Race and M-DAT’s two newest staff members have completed the World Race sponsored by Adventures in Missions out of Gainsville, GA.

They bring a breadth of experience few receive. It gives them a solid base for interacting with those who come to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. They have served overseas in various parts of the world, both seeing God stretch them and provide in ways they never imagined. They can speak firsthand as to the process of going and serving our world for Jesus. Meet our M-DAT team


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November 2017—During October we saw a 10% increase in the number of mission agencies using! This results from emails from our new marketing coordinator and a lot of activity from our social media specialist.

A new design and layout for the user control panel will also improve the user experience for agency reps and trip inquirers. We appreciate the graphic design skills of our programmer in Argentina. Keep praying that the new programming and the integration with the new site goes smoothly and quickly.

Would you ask God to connect us with a person with considerable missions background and committed to helping others get involved in missions who will help us rethink the layout for Traffic increases every year, but we see a slow decrease in terms of how deep visitors go within the site. We need to integrate graphics into the design and figure out the next layer of helps to provide.