Half a Million Visitors


June 2017—We recently took some time to analyze the metrics that show us how well our services are reaching their audiences. I hope you’ll rejoice with us that traffic to ShortTermMissions.com made a 15 percent increase in 2016.

Though the majority of the visitors still come from the US, a small but growing number are from Canada, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere. The number of users accessing this site from mobile devices also continues to grow and keeps us on our toes to be sure the web content displays properly.

During this period, the trip description pages got almost a third of a million views and generated 25,000 direct inquiries through the website’s suggested channels (in addition to inquiries from those who may have contacted the sending organizations directly).

During 2016, the ShortTermMissions.com newsletter, designed to remind visitors about the many great opportunities that exist and encourage them to take their next steps, was sent out five times to a list that has now grown to more than 20,000 subscribers.

Meanwhile, the AskaMissionary.com website received 150,000 visits, a six-percent increase from the previous year. The AskaMissionary.com newsletter was sent out quarterly to about 3,000 people including missionaries, mission agency personnel, and those interested in longer-term mission opportunities.

Put together, our web services served half a million mission-interested people of all ages.