First Quarter Traffic Reports


April 2016—As we look back on the first quarter of 2016 we rejoice to see how God has used M-DAT services to connect people seeking how God might use them in missions, short term or long term.

From January to March, 90,000 visitors came to (about 12% higher than last year). And they didn’t just stop by, but viewed the details of mission trips, with 134,000 page visits in all., our primary service for those looking to serve in a long-term capacity, was also well visited. Some 35,000 people used the site to explore what it means to be a missionary and how one becomes involved in missions.

Numbers aren't everything, but these are helpful metrics for us as we carry out our mission of bringing people and missions together using internet technology.

You may notice the front page of this site says, "Over the next five years we will serve one million believers who seek meaningful involvement in the Great Commission." How are we doing?

Since that page was published in October 2009 (more than six years ago now), we've calculate that M-DAT has touched about 1.5 million people, with 1.185 million unique visitors to and 365,000 to

Since M-DAT was founded, we've served well over 3 million people.