M-DAT News

Input from Aspiring Missionaries Wanted

November 2007 – In an effort to gather input that will help shape a new web resource for tomorrow's missionaries, M-DAT is conducting a survey of people who are considering becoming or in the process of becoming a full-time missionary. We encourage people to pass the survey along to people they know who are on the journey of becoming a missionary. Click here to take the survey!

Mission Trip Search Widgets Available

September 2007 – Good news for Christian webmasters and bloggers: M-DAT has created a new tool to help mobilize website visitors to missions involvement. It is a ShortTermMissions.com search widget that can easily be customized and added to the side bar of any website. The widget is available at the following link: http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/mission-trip-search-box-tall.

Report Published

September 2007 – M-DAT released a search summary report to the missions community that examines the roughly 80,000 basic searches made on ShortTermMissions.com from January through April of 2007 and shows the top search criteria people use when looking for short-term mission trips.

Ready for the Airwaves

August 2007 – We just wrapped up production of a 30-second radio spot [listen to mp3] for ShortTermMissions.com. Building on a landscape of sounds from around the world, the spot informs believers of how they can go about finding a mission trip to serve on.

Search Reports Re-released

June 2007 – After a lengthy hiatus brought on by website upgrades, the monthly reports on search activity on ShortTermMissions.com are available again to our partner organizations.