M-DAT News

ShortTermMissions.com Makes Connections

July 2014—M-DAT is pleased to announce that in the first six months of 2014, its services were able to help more than 30,000 visitors to AskaMissionary.com and more than 100,000 visitors to ShortTermMissions.com find information. We love seeing such interest in being part of what God is doing in the world.

Newsletter Keeps in Touch with Mission Trip Inquirers

April 2014—Response to the September 2013 roll-out of the ShortTermMissions.com e-Newsletter has been quite positive. Approximately a third of those who fill out an inquiry form for more information about a trip ask to be put the list. In this way, in less than six months, the circulation has nearly doubled—now to more than 6,400 subscribers!

Launch of ShortTermMissions.com e-Newsletter

October 2013 – M-DAT is praising God for the successful launch of the ShortTermMissions.com e-Newsletter. About 3,500 people are signed up for the newsletter. The first issue highlighted upcoming mission trips and challenged readers to get to know their global neighbors.

All Signs Point to Success for ShortTermMissions.com Redesign

February 2013 – M-DAT is pleased to report a major redesign of its most popular website, ShortTermMissions.com. In its first week, the redesigned site set a new record for the number of users who connected with an opportunity by filling out an inquiry form. In fact, the inquiry rate almost doubled.

Series of Articles Goes the Next Mile with Mission Trip Participants

March 2012 – A new resource M-DAT partnered on is helping mission trip participants live life on mission after the trip ends.

M-DAT recently collaborated with The Next Mile partnership to help launch The Next Mile E-Zine, a collection of articles carefully crafted for recently returned mission trip participants. It covers topics like reentry and debriefing, growing closer to God, developing a biblical and missional worldview, staying the course, and exploring career missions.