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Travel agencies, insurance providers, and background check services


March 2017—Need a travel agent, or have a question about insurance or screening for your mission team? A recent survey of ministries listing their mission trips with ShortTermMissions.com asked about their use of travel agencies, insurance providers, and background check services. Fifty-one ministries responded to the survey.

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Has interest in longer mission trips doubled?

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September 2016—A recent study of search and inquiry patterns related to mission trip information on the ShortTermMissions.com website suggests a greater interest in longer mission trips than we have previously seen.

Partnering for excellence in short-term mission

July 2016—So often in ministry and in business, everyone works on their own in a separate "silo" without the benefits of partnering and cross-pollination. We are delighted to share with you that M-DAT has entered into a unique partnering relationship with three other short-term mission entities.

First Quarter Traffic Reports


April 2016—As we look back on the first quarter of 2016 we rejoice to see how God has used M-DAT services to connect people seeking how God might use them in missions, short term or long term.

ShortTermMissions.com Highlights


January 2016—“I have always felt led to serve in missions in the Middle East,” wrote Jeana last month. “I have been looking for a long time and would still be searching if I hadn’t stumbled across your site! All I did was type in my criteria and there it was—the perfect mission—in less than a minute. I really appreciate it.”