M-DAT News

Urbana Campaign Launch

We are committed to doing our part to raise up the next generation of global outreach workers and we want them to represent Jesus well as they take His name to the ends of the earth.

Your donation today will allow Mission Data International to exhibit and interact with mission representatives and the next generation of global outreach workers at the Urbana Mission Conference in St. Louis, Missouri this December. Go to our Give Send Go page to make a donation Thank you for your support!

Mission Experience a Plus!


August 2018—Ten countries in 12 months? Ten different ministries in those ten countries? WOW! That will give a person some good exposure to what God is doing around the world. The program is called the World Race and M-DAT’s two newest staff members have completed it. World Race is sponsored by Adventures in Missions out of Gainesville, GA.

Launch of Go.Serve.Love.

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June 2018—M-DAT launched a new website this spring, for those looking to be God’s hands, feet and voice among other peoples around the world. Featuring first-person stories and a colorful layout, it shares tips for those preparing to be involved!

More Mission Agencies Using ShortTermMissions.com.

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November 2017—During October we saw a 10% increase in the number of mission agencies using ShortTermMissions.com! This results from emails from our new marketing coordinator and a lot of activity from our social media specialist.

Words Heard Round the World

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July 2017—Are you familiar with the phrase 360-degree communication? Essentially it means that what I say where I stand at this moment will be accessible from anywhere in the world tomorrow (or sooner).