Partnering for excellence in short-term mission

July 2016—So often in ministry and in business, everyone works on their own in a separate "silo" without the benefits of partnering and cross-pollination. We are delighted to share with you that M-DAT has entered into a unique partnering relationship with three other short-term mission entities.

Several of us have been informally working together to improve the quality of mission trips over the last ten years, but now that partnering has been extended and formalized.

DELTA Ministries, Mission Data International, The Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission, and STM Toolbox have agreed to work more closely together to blend our strengths, resources, services, and reputations in order to benefit those involved in short-term missions.

Please take a moment to read the official press release and rejoice with us. Our desire is that goers, senders, and receivers would each genuinely benefit from the many mission trips that take place each year.

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